The fairways of Taifong Golf Course were designed by Japanese designer Watanabe Hiroyuki in 1977. The land consists of 70 hectares of rolling hills, the 18 holes extending to 7,552 yards, and a par 72 course. It sits at an altitude of 150m in a hilly part of central Taiwan, and enjoys a warm, dry, and favorable climate throughout the year, with an average temperature ranging from 15 ºC to 28 ºC. It also has the advantage of convenient transportation. By driving from Wuquan W. Rd., Taichung to the Chung-Chang Expressway, it only takes approximately 20 minutes to arrive at the course.

The greens are planted with International professional certificated TifEagle grass and employs Toro's automatic sprinkler system from the Untied States. Indeed, the whole environment is embraced by green grass under careful husbandry, with the fairways planned along the slope, and the golfers will have to exhaust their golf club sets over the varied courses to achieve a good result. The fairway is surrounded by giant trees, forming a remarkable scenery. Golf carts shuttle run between fairways, taking golfers on refreshing journeys, seemingly through the midst of a forest, birds chirping and the caress of a gentle breeze making everyone feel relaxed and happy. Taifong Course is surely a precious place for leisure and sports nestled in the hills of Taiwan.

Taifong Golf Course expanded with two new buildings designed by the internationally renowned architect and Pritzker Prize winner, Álvaro Siza, and his co-partner, Carlos Castanheira. One of the buildings, The Siza House, covering a near thousand pings area, nestles next to the arc-shaped basin clinging to the slope, is designed as the activity space for general members. The other Yu-Chia House is scheduled to start in 2017, and is planned as Prestige VIP's exclusive club. It includes an exclusive reception area for Prestige VIP members, parking spaces, dressing rooms, an exclusive restaurant box for Prestige VIP members, a banquet hall, a deck balcony for the game, as well as a supercar club's exhibit hall, and a saloon all magnificently designed.

Taifong Golf Course - Connect to the world

Since 2005, Taifong Golf Course has been devoted to promoting Taiwan's professional golf, and once even held three international professional tournaments within a year. Among these games, Taifong Open stands firm to provide an excellent stage for Asian golfers participating in international competitions to build their skills. Taifong Ladies Open has become one of the three major tournaments in Taiwan at the beginning of the year, and leads as one of the most important events in the WWGR's (Women’s World Golf Rankings) line up. Before the golf queen Ya-ni Tseng started her career, she debuted at Taifong's championships. And then later, before she captured the world champion laurels, she signed a long-term agreement to partner up with Taifong. In addition, before the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) was officially held in Taiwan, Taifong Ladies Open was the only tournament Ya-ni Tseng participated in, which clearly proves the importance of Taifong's professional tournaments. Furthermore, the world's 25th ranked Hsiao-ching Lu, named a 'Taiwan Mega-Star' by Japanese media, also specially came back to Taiwan to participate in the Taifong Ladies Open. Together with Ya-ni Tseng, they both consecutively monopolized the championship in the first six seasons of the Taifong Ladies Open.

As for the Taifong Open, it has been held for eight seasons. Many well-known players in Taiwan were the previous champions of the Taifong tournament including Wei-chih Yeh, Wei-chih Lu, I-hsin Chan, Chien-shun Lu and so on. Since 2014, the Taifong Open has collaborated with the PGA Asian Tour to bring their tournaments into ADT in order to urge more international players coming to Taiwan to compete with native players, and in the meantime, Men’s tournaments in Taiwan have turned a new page with beginning to score OWGR (Official World Golf Rankings) points.

Taifeng Golf Course is the venue for the most professional events held in Taiwan, with the aim of drawing global sport attention to Taiwan golf, and we hope to create a better competitive environment to cultivate Taiwan players' strengths. The initial stadium renovation was organized with the professional needs for the events in mind, and nowadays the tournaments held here have been scaled up as well. With The Siza House already opened, and The Yu-chia House soon to open, the Taifong Golf Course will continue as the best course and the most important international landmark to host top world-class golf tournaments and create opportunities for Taiwan's standing glory in the international golf industry.